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Jaydev Kenduli, a small village in Birbhum district, famous as the birthplace of poet Jayadeva, who wrote “Gita Govindam”. On the banks of the Ajay River, Kenduli Spiritual Ashram is certainly set in the abode of nature. The Ashram presently has four rooms made of mud , chattai, log woods ,thatch and other natural items available locally or collected from distance and covers 20 bighas and on further extension. The essence of stay at Kenduli Spiritual Ashram is serenity, peace and self discovery.

The Ashram offers a unique experience of a natural village life, where you will love to stay in the earthen huts. It has its own meditation centre where you can enjoy a free general meditation session or can practice based on their own regime. Moreover, you can also enjoy the spirituality oriented music at different hours and best in the evening times to enjoy an ambience like never before.

Apart from this it also offers certain activities which allures the visitors like Riverside trekking with the help of a local guide. In addition to that you can enjoy the river bath and the Mud bath, which has become quite popular and famous among the tourists visiting the Ashram.

The land has a very positive effect on mind and body evident instantly just on entering.The calming sunset complements the serene ambience. Stay in the mud huts or tents and enjoy the gastronomic meals included in the package. In addition to this, visit the nearby historical temples and lose yourself with the Baul melodies over a bonfire. This place offers a chance to see your own self reflected in nature.

Outdoor Activity:

Here are few things, you can enjoy at Kenduli Spiritual Ashram

  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Bonfire and Baul Song
  • Swimming and Mud Bathing in River Ajay
  • Bird Watching
  • Trekking and Local Hike

Nearby Attractions:

  • Radha Binod Temple
  • Bakreswar Hot Spring
  • Mama Bhagne Hills

Check-in & Check-out Time:

  • Check in: 10:00 A.M
  • Check out: 10:00 A.M

How to Reach:

By Train: Kenduli Spiritual Ashram is just 32kms from Durgapur Rail Station.

By Road: Kenduli is apprx. 185 km from Kolkata, its 3.5 hours drive via Durgapur Expressway.


         INR 1500/- Per Night Per Head      All meal Plan(Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner)

Additional Amenities(Pay per basis):

  • Baul sangeet -INR 2000. ( 2-3 hours immersive experience) (Cost divided equally among all guests who’re interested)
  • Natural Oils Massage- INR 200

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Kenduli Spiritual Ashram
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