Sandakphu (11,930 feet), Also called Sandakpur, is a tiny Himalayan town located on the summit of a mountain in the Singalila Ridge and Singalila National Park (famous for the red Panda) situated in an area that borders India along with Nepal. Sandakphu can be described as the top point in West Bengal. It is located above the normal cloud at an altitude of 3,000 feet.

Our all Sandakphu trek Package has been meticulously designed to take you to the best attractions and views of the region without worrying about any of the arrangements. As you book this particular itinerary with us, be assured of capturing myriad magnificent clicks and feeling rejuvenated by this affair with the spectacular eastern Himalayas. The Sandakphu Phalut tour package by car is perfect for soaking in the untamed beauty of this region’s valleys, meadows, and snow-clad peaks.

Sandakphu summit offers a stunning panorama of the five tallest summits in the world, which include Everest, Kanchenjunga (the entire range), Lhotse, and Makalu in clear days. The mountain is called “Sleeping Buddha ” because it is reminiscent of the face, head, feet, upper body, and head of the Sage Lord Buddha. The blue sky, the lush green forests, and the huge snow-capped Himalayan mountains make it an ideal location for photographers and a dream for nature lovers.

Best time to visit Sandakphu:

It is a tiny trekking village. Pollution and other negative effects of the modern world have little or no impact on this area. Fresh air and green forests will welcome you to this place throughout the year. Every season is filled with full splendor and distinctive beauty.

The weather is mild from April through June in the late summer and spring, and the temperature is never below the freezing mark. The flowers appear in full glory, the Rhododendron blooms brighten the hills and singing birds chirp as you walk along the trails. It’s a wonderful time to walk on the close trails that lead into the forests.The blooming of the Singalila Range of mountains adds an extra splash of color to the trek toward Sandakphu.

The next peak season runs between October and December.This is when you can experience the true beauty of Sandakphu with bright days and cool nights. The temperature can drop below freezing, and there is a lot of snowfall.The roads that are covered in the snow make for an excellent walking experience.

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, you can visit in January, as temperatures drop below zero degrees, and the roads could be shut because of knee-deep snow accumulations. The power might go out, and drinking water may be very scarce.However, the area’s stunning beauty is more than enough to make up for this.

The peaceful night beneath an ethereal sky will delight you.If you’re a safe traveler, you should avoid this area during monsoons. The roads are flooded with heavy rains from Sandakphu, and landslides can occur. The cars are forced to slow down on muddy streets, and the wheels slide in the mud.The scent of the verdure forest and the smell of freshly fallen leaves draw enthusiasts even during this time of year.

How to reach Sandakphu:

There are two routes to get to Sandakphu. One option is to take a car or trek. The trek route begins from Manebhanjan and traverses through numerous regions before arriving at the destination. So these are the transportation options that you can use:

By Train:

If you plan to go to Sandakphu Trek via train, New Jalpaiguri is the closest Railway station (NJP). NJP connects with other major railway stations like Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, etc. Therefore, once you reach NJP, you must take a taxi to get to the starting point of the Sandakphu trek.

By Flight:

Bagdogra is the nearest Airport for Sandakphu Trek. The distance between Bagdogra Airport and Sandakphu is about 115 kilometers. Direct flights are offered from major cities such as Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, etc.

By Road:

The journey to Sandakphu via highway is the most convenient option. Several Government and Private buses are accessible between Siliguri and Maneybhanjan by way of Sukhiapokhri. Buses also depart to Kolkata, Siliguri and Darjeeling. This mode of transport is not recommended since it can be tiring and exhausting.

Renting a taxi or a car is the best option. If you book the complete tour package through Tipoventure, everything will be handled by us, so you can enjoy your trip without having to go through the complicated arrangement process.

Accommodation in Sandakphu:

Sandakphu has all kinds of lodging options from budget-friendly to luxurious options. With assistance from Tripoventure, you can reserve an entire tour package, including transportation, accommodation, and meals, by calling us.

You may be a hiker or photographer or just a naturalist, Sandakphu is a heaven for those who want to experience and witness th beauty of mother nature. It’s a moderately challenging hike to get there and enjoy breathtaking views of the mountains covered in snow. So, wait no more! Make a holiday schedule and explore this trekking paradise with Tripoventure’s tailor-made Sandakphu Trek packages.

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