The word ‘Assam,’ as some scholars interpreted, derives from the Sanskrit word Asoma meaning peerless or unparalleled. Assam is the sentinel of northeast India and the gateway to the North-Eastern States. The State is close to India’s international borders with Bhutan and Bangladesh. Browse a wide range of Assam tour packages with exciting offers at Tripoventure. Book customized Assam holiday packages with exciting deals & offers.

Moreover, the Assam tour Packages from Tripoventure are your best shot at spending a fantastic time in the verdant northeastern state, home to many prolific wildlife reserves, archaeological sites, and tea plantations.

Places to visit in Guwahati:

Tourist attractions that are worth visiting in and close to Guwahati include Kamakhya temple Umananda (Peacock Island), Navagraha (temple of nine planets), Basistha Ashram, Dolgobinda, Gandhi Mandap, State Zoo, State Museum, Sukreswar temple, Gita Mandir Madan Kamdev Temple the most impressive archaeological site that is worth a visit, as well as Saraighat bridge.
The State is home to Five National Parks and eleven wildlife sanctuary sites. In particular, the Kaziranga National Park and the Manas Tiger Project (National Park) are world-renowned for their one-horned Rhino and the Royal Bengal Tiger and Royal Bengal Tiger, respectively.

Things to do in Guwahati:

Are you currently in Assam and looking for the most memorable experiences? There are plenty of thrilling activities to enjoy in Assam, which will ensure your time with your loved ones or family. Learn more about the most popular things to do in Assam here:

  • Explore the Largest River Island at Majuli
  • Admire the Lush Green tea Gardens in Dibrugarh
  • Spot One-Horned Rhinos at Kaziranga National Park
  • Enjoy the vibrant festivals: Bihu and Tea Festival
  • Taste the Scrumptious Delicacies of Assam
  • Take a Cruise ride at River Brahmaputra
  • Find Out The Truth About The Ahom Kingdom Sivasagar
  • Witness The Weaver’s Magic at Sualkuchi
  • Take a look at the magic Of Nature: River Lobha
  • For A Religious Visit to Kamakhya Temple
  • Explore Asia’s oldest refinery Digboi
  • Indulge In Adventurous Expeditions like River Rafting And Angling
  • Take a look at the captivating valleys of Haflong
  • Relax and unwind at Peacock Island
  • Discover The Past of Dhubri
  • Witness The Cult Of Voodoo Mayong
  • Go on a religious trip to Hajo
  • Find out the truth about Agnigarh Tezpur

Famous Food of Assam:

Our country is home to a wide range of cultures. And when it comes to food, Assam offers just the right flavor to please your palate. With a variety of traditional food options and a wide range of cuisines, Assam is known for its distinctive flavor and influence. Delicious pork, chicken, and mutton dishes will leave you craving more. Here are a few traditional food of Assam:

  • Duck Meat Curry (Hanhor Mangkho)
  • Maasor Tenga (Tangy fish curry)
  • Aloo Pitika (Comfort food of Assam)
  • Paror Mangxo (Pigeon meat curry)
  • Baanhgajor Lagot Kukura (Chicken with Bamboo Shoot)
  • Pitha (Home cooked Sweet dishes of Assam)
  • Haah Joha Kumura (Duck and White Gourd Curry)
  • Dhekia Xaak (Fiddlehead Fern Vegetable)
  • Doi Chira (Beaten Rice with Curd and Jaggery)
  • Khulasaporir Pitha with Laal Saah (Rice Pancake with Red Tea)
  • Lai Xaak Gahori (Pork with Mustard Greens)
  • Patot Diya Maas (Steamed Fish Wrapped in Banana Leaf)

Best time to visit Assam:

Assam lies in the North-East region of India. You can plan a trip to Assam all year long, but the best time to visit Assam is during winters and summers, i.e., November to March. The winters in Assam can be chilly, but they are enjoyable, and the summers are pleasant and refreshing. Try to avoid monsoon season because heavy rains at times lead to inconveniences. While the rain can greatly hinder sightseeing, the frequent landslides can hamper your movement around Assam, effectively ruining your vacation. Above all orchids bloom in March and May. So it is a fantastic time of joy for the people of the region who are celebrating Bihu, the harvest festival.

How to reach Assam:

Assam is a diverse state with a fascinating cultural heritage and breathtaking landscapes. It is a well-known tourist destination, and it is easily connected to the rest of the nation by various modes of transportation. Here are the complete details on how to reach Assam:

By Air:

Assam is connected to Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai via national carriers and private airlines. Guwahati’s Lokapriya Gopinath Bordoloi Airport is Assam’s main airport and is located just 25 kilometers far from Guwahati city. The airport is where passengers can take a bus or hire a cab to the most important cities in Assam, including Guwahati, Dispur, Tezpur, Jorhat, and Dibrugarh.

By Rail:

It is possible to travel to Assam quickly because train services run directly between Calcutta, New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Cochin, and Trivandrum . Guwahati railroad station is the most crucial railhead in Assam, where you can travel throughout the state.

By Road:

It is possible to get to Assam via road. The roads are well-constructed, and Guwahati is well-connected to Nagaland, Mizoram, and Arunachal Pradesh. It is possible to reach Assam via cabs and buses. You can also drive on the well-managed highways in Guwahati, Dispur, Dibrugarh, and Jorhat.

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