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Are you looking for a serene, peaceful and relaxing stay during weekend? No worries,we have got you covered. If you are in Bolpur  but want to avoid the din and bustle, then this Garden Bungalow is the perfect match for you.

A stunning property ideal for a family or a group getaway, will give you the feeling of a Haveli with a beautiful garden and old architecture. Designed like the 19th century Bengal’s Zamindari Bungalows which were traditionally referred to as “Thakur Baris” or “Raj Baris” in Bengali.

The Garden Bungalow rests amidst the expanse of a 3- acres garden that is ordained by exotic trees, creepers and shrubs. In addition, the interiors are tastefully furnished with antiques, collected over time from all across Bengal, each telling of its own unique history. Further all the suits are open up to bright verandah and terrace which are perfect for the one looking for a travel inwards, within one’s own self. Moreover, the Bungalow is further embellished by lotus ponds which serve as its back- side, evoking the sense of nostalgia and tranquility associated with rural Bengal as often depicted in Tagore’s works.

Above all this Garden Bungalow looks into every possible detail to make your stay a memorable one. Once you go back to your busy life, your memory of this place will pull your heart strings, till you come back again. Surrounded by the sprawling garden and the ponds, this four- suite Bungalow is just a few meters away from the ravines, popularly known as Khowai, of Shantiniketan.

Outdoor Activity:

Visit different sites of Shantiniketan like:

  • Upasana Ghar
  • Uttarayan Complex
  • Rabindra Bhaban Museum
  • Kala Mandir
  • Chatimtala(The meditation place of Rabindranath’s father Debendranath Tagore)
  • Deer Park
  • Kankalitala
  • Khoai Mela

Check-in & Check-out Time:

  • Check in: 02:00 P.M
  • Check out: 12:00 P.M

How to Reach:

The nearest Railway station is Bolpur Railway Station which is hardly 2-3 kms away from the place.

By road Kolkata to Santiniketan distance is approximately 163 kilometers.


  The Red Brick Villa(Standard Category Room)    INR 2500/-Per Night    Complimentary Breakfast
  The Poet’s Recluse(Premium Category Heritage Villa)    INR 3000/-Per Night    Complimentary Breakfast
  The King’s Chamber(Premium Category Heritage Villa)    INR 3000/-Per Night    Complimentary Breakfast
  The Bahaar Haal(Luxury Category Heritage Villa)    INR 3500/-Per Night    Complimentary Breakfast
  The Painter’s Retreat(Luxury Category Heritage Villa)    INR 3500/-Per Night    Complimentary Breakfast

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The Garden Bungalow
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